Nowy Dwor

The property of the castle consist of:

Land - 5,7 ha
Park - 4,5 ha 135 years old, english designed park with:

Music Podium Fountain Tiny Pond Grilling Area

Castle - 1658 square meters and 9649 cubic meters.

The residence exists of x rooms

Kitchen complex 5 (including tea and breakfast rooms)
Other kitchens 3
Stone clubroom 1
Dining rooms 5
Living rooms 3
Library 2
Study room 1
TV-video room 1
Bedrooms 17
Chapel room 1
Office rooms 4
Wardrobe rooms 2
Meditation room 1 ( with big terrace and magnificent view of the park )
Painting studio 1

Servant rooms and work spaces including:

  • laundry rooms
  • Linen storage
  • Technical work rooms
  • Storage rooms
  • Garden rooms with kitchenette
  • Garage ( former coach house ) fits 6 large cars

All technical installation and the fasade, roof and outdoor facilities have been elaborately renovated. The residence is equipped with central heating. The floors are made from stones and oak wood.

There is a easy access to the main road from Jellenia Gora city to the Czech Republic border.