of the Castle

North of Kowary, near the newly built ring road, surrounded by scenic gardens is one of the most interesting Renaissance buildings of the region. It was built in 1570 by Kasper Schaffgotsch, the owner of Kowary at that time, and it was named "Nowy Dwor". Since then, the Schaffgotschs lived in a tower dwelling in the lower part of Kowary. The manor was heavily destroyed during the 30-year war and by a fire in 1670. It was thoroughly rebuilt in 1878 and again in 1913. In spite of numerous modernizations, its architecture remains clear. The manor has two wings – one two story and the other three story, plus a slightly higher tower. It has the distinct marks of Silesian late-Renaissance architecture. These marks are: the size of the building, spacious rooms, the attic, high gables and sculpted body of the building, as well as impressive facades. Thoroughly made decorative elements are still present on the facades. The skill of the builders and the stone cutters is associated with the tradition of stone-work shops in Upper Lusatia. The eclectic extensions (1878) have both neo-Gothic (e.g. Tudor arch, melons) and neo-Renaissance features (window frames, balconies and bays). The large and well kept gardens are an integral part of the manor. They were established around 1870. The front part of the gardens includes symmetrical flower beds surrounding a tiny pond.

Residents and owners of the Castle

1384 - 1634 Families Schaffgotschs
1570 Kasper Schaffgotsch - owner of the city Kowary, rebuilt the castle and called it ,, Neuhoff - Nowy Dwor"
1634 - 1741 Family of Count Czermin von Chudenitz
1741 - 1745 Friedrich II - King of Prussia
1745 - 1826 Family Kopisch
1826 - 1918 Family of Prince Heinrich LXXIV von Reuss
1918 - 1945 Princess Feodora Sachsen Meiningen von Reuss and Prince Heinrich XXX von Reuss. Dutches Feodora Sachsen Meiningen von Reuss was the great-granddaughter of the britisch Queen Victoria and the granddaughter of Kaiser and king of Prussia - Friedrich III.
1945 - 1994 Polish government
1994 - xxxx up today family Pernak de Gast.
Prince Heinrich XXX von Reuss. Princess Feodora Meiningen von Reuss. Queen Victoria with her family 1894. Queen Victoria with princess Feodora.